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proxyRAIN is not always a good fit for everyone and I turn down about 90% of the inquiries that I receive. The list below includes companies that I can recommend. There is also a list of companies to avoid. In all cases, my recommendations are based on personal experience.

Companies I Like:

  • Bright Data -- A new and improved version of the former Luminati. Take a look to see what's new!
  • -- Good service and they email new a new proxy list every 30 days.
  • -- Professional service. Friendly support staff.
  • -- A new residential proxy network with very responsive customer service. Use discount code "proxyrain10" to get a 10% discount.
  • -- High quality provider with residential and data center IPs.
  • -- Very professional. Responsive customer service.
  • -- This is the re-booted proxy service from Aqua Networks. Good customer service and instant signups.
  • -- An excellent residential proxy network at an affordable price. IPs available from all over the world.
  • -- International Data Centers. Good customer service.
  • -- Thirty data centers in North America. Prompt customer service.

Good luck with your search!

Brian Long
proxyRAIN, LLC

P.S. Those are affiliate links above.