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About Us

Why we exist

Big Data isn’t just for fortune 500 companies. We believe that everyone deserves good data and know that access to it can mean the difference between a growing business or a failing one. That’s why we make it our mission provide affordable, untraceable proxy network for legitimate businesses of all sizes.

How we got started

proxyRAIN grew from our own need to harvest valuable data from the web. After searching for an affordable, anonymous, proxy service and failing to find it, our team decided to make one. Fast forward a few months and we were saving money and getting better results!

It wasn’t long before proxyRAIN was born. Today we provide a service that helps companies large AND small get to the data they need without breaking the bank. We’re pretty happy about that. Plus, we’re just getting started; our team has a lot of ideas on how to create added value on top of our core service. We plan to keep innovating and will always have your back on affordable, web crawling that keeps your company’s identity safe.

Meet our Founder - Brian Long

Brian loves good data. He’s an industry veteran with 20+ years in data gathering. Prior to proxyRAIN, Brian served as National Group President for Dolan Media Company, taking it from a single office with 10 employees to a national company with nearly 200 employees headquartered throughout the United States. When the National Group was sold, Brian started his two companies: First Movers Advantage, LLC and Both businesses extract and distill valuable data that benefit a broad range of professionals in the moving, storage, mortgage, insurance, home improvement, communications and associated industries.

After over a decade of providing key data to these niche industries, Brian and his team of engineers developed proxyRAIN as an in-house solution to their data needs. The result is a tool that empowers companies (regardless of their industry) and allows them to build better products and businesses by harnessing the power of information.

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