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Welcome to a Premium Managed Proxy Network

Really. We manage proxy IPs so you don’t have to.


proxyRAIN provides our clients a seamless IP rotation service where we monitor their usage needs and adjusts IPs to create a proxy network that runs like a fine oiled machine.

We are an excellent, and cost-effective, choice if you are crawling a large number of websites for competitive intelligence, market data, or price discovery. We are not a good choice if you are trying to crawl a single website for SEO or lead generation purposes (e.g. Google or LinkedIn).

Our proxy network HAS:

  • Automatic IP rotation to provide anonymity and simplify your coding.
  • IP Persistence so you can use the same IP address for a full session. Over SSL too!
  • Multiple ISPs to spread usage and increase anonymity across networks. (e.g. your traffic cannot be traced back to a single network source).
  • Built-in redundancies & full load balancing -- so there is no single point of failure risk.
  • Reporting features to download activity into your analytics package.
  • 100% of IPs in the USA.

Basically, it’s a proxy network that looks out for your data harvesting needs.

We do NOT have:

Residential IPs or proxies in specific countries. Here is a list of residential proxy companies that we like and have worked with:

  • Bright Data -- A new and improved version of the former Luminati. Take a look to see what's new!
  • -- A new residential proxy network with very responsive customer service. Use discount code "proxyrain10" to get a 10% discount.
  • -- Large proxy provider with residential IPs. Look for their "Special Backconnect Proxies".
  • -- An excellent residential proxy network at an affordable price. IPs available from all over the world.

You can see a larger list of proxy vendors on our Referrals page.

A Better Way to get Competitive Intelligence

Capture data anonymously

Like individual rain drops in a storm, our proxy network makes your data collection almost invisible. Get reliable information while avoiding IP address blocks, spoofed pages, or tracking. On our multi-network, rotating IP system you’ll leave no trace.

The harvest never stops

Redundancy. It’s something we love. With proxyRAIN you never have to worry about time lost due to a network failure. Our system runs on multiple networks simultaneously. That way, you always get the data you need.

Priced to scale with you

We believe in the power of web data. We also think that all legitmate businesses should have access to it. So whether you run a startup or an enterprise level company, we have a price plan that will fit your data harvesting budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a RAIN?

RAIN is short for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Networks. It’s a better way to collect data. By combining a bundle of proxy networks for you to crawl from, we raise your anonymity protection during web data collection. Plus, using many networks creates system-wide redundancy and increases stability. So, your data keeps coming 24/7.

How does it work?

We maintain a proxy network across several different ISPs in several different geographic locations. There is no single point of failure and your web traffic is randomly rotated throughout our entire network. Do a good job with your crawling patterns and your traffic will be indistinguishable from other web traffic.

How do I get started?

You can Sign Up and create your billing account. Choose your subscription level and provide payment information. You will also need to provide a list of static IP addrsses from your network for authentication. Once everything is setup, we will send you the names of the load balancers to use in your crawling code.

Why You'll Love proxyRAIN

Uptime! Our RAIN is designed with no single point of failure for maximum uptime.

Affordable! We have a price package available for any budget.

Private! Our anonymizing networks allows you to crawl the web incongnito.

Small businesses and startups need good data as much as any fortune 500 company, but most web privacy networks are expensive. We were spending thousands per month on another service for a small amount of traffic. It didn’t make sense.

We decided to build our own anonymizing proxy network. That’s how proxyRAIN started. We love the results we’re getting and I think you will too.

--Brian Long, Founder, proxyRAIN

Harness The Power of Great Data

Get social media insights to better understand trends

Better forcast sales & gather leads to grow your business

Nail pricing with market intelligence & competitive analysis

Extract key financial & market research info

Aggregate all that news and content into usable intelligence

Verify legitimate & illegal activity for law enforcement

It's Amazing What A Little RAIN
Can Do For Your Business.

Use a business email address. No free email accounts like,,, etc.